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Custom design

Under the concept of custom design, with the coating system EasyCoat® it is possible to design, develop and produce the specific pharmaceutical coating for your project.


We are a German company
installed in Mexico


EasyCoat® with more than 20 years of experience in the industry

We have a wide diversity of polymers and quality in accordance with international standards.



We have the EXCiPACT™ certification, which allows us to verify compliance with manufacturing (GMP) and distribution (GDP) requirements.

EasyCoat® Products

distribuidores de recubrimiento farmaceutico cdmx

Special coatings SP

Aesthetic coating system, reduced by up to 50% application time.

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distribuidores de recubrimiento farmaceutico monterrey

Moisture protection MT

Release coating system immediate, improves the stability of the principle active through a moisture barrier.

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proveedores de recubrimiento para tableta farmacéutica cdmx

Aesthetic ST

Enhance the logo, toast light protection, mask odors and flavors.

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proveedores de recubrimiento para tableta farmacéutica en mexico

Enteric NT

Enteric coating system, achieves reproducibility in compliance of different enteric tests.

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sistema de recubrimientos farmaceuticos en cdmx


Fully formulated pigment system, guarantees the reproducibility of the color of your batch-to-batch product. Useful for different shapes pharmaceuticals, such as tablets, suspensions, soft gelatin capsules and pastes.

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recubrimiento de tabletas farmaceuticas mexico

Product Catalogue

Download our EasyCoat® Brochure for important product details, application areas, samples, coating characteristics and preparation guidelines.



  • EasyCoat® has about 20 on the market, the result of the evolution in the development of pharmaceutical coating for products made to measure for the client.
  • EasyCoat® has been designed by DVA, a leading German company in the development of pharmaceutical coating systems in Mexico.
  • It is a system of preformulated coatings with the intention of meeting the needs of the client, for which we use raw materials from global manufacturers, thus supporting the quality and supply of EasyCoat®.
  • We have a wide variety of polymers that allow us to design a wide range of formulas that are currently used in the pharmaceutical industry and that meet various requirements, such as tablet coating.
  • All our equipment and services are at the complete disposal of our clients.
  • Our staff is highly trained and qualified, putting their professional experience at your service to offer the solution you need.

Technical assistance

We accelerate the development of your product

We gather, integrate, and share the knowledge of our raw material manufacturers on development, scaling, technology transfer, and regulatory issues; whether you are developing a generic or breakthrough drug.

Technical support


distribuidores mexicanos de recubrimiento farmaceutico


Differentiation in the market and better
identification of individual products.

comercializadores de recubrimiento de tabletas farmaceuticas


Enteric and controlled release
of the functional ingredient.

proveedores mexicanos de recubrimiento para tableta farmacéutica


Useful to protect the principle
active against humidity.

dva distribuidores de recubrimiento farmaceutico


DVA is the company behind EasyCoat®. We are a global chemical company with 50 years of experience. We develop intelligent solutions for complex markets and industries. Let us help you improve your pharmaceutical products, their efficiency and quality together we shape a better and sustainable future. GO FURTHER. TOGETHER.

dva proveedores de recubrimiento para tableta farmacéutica


At DVA we create and provide
constantly solutions that
contribute to the success of our clients
gaining their confidence through
technical support and service.

distribuidores de recubrimiento farmaceutico dva


We continually improve so
that our customers and
suppliers prefer to be
business partners and so
help improve your results.

sistema de recubrimientos farmaceuticos en cdmx


Streamline the design and development of
medications in the form of
coated tablets, with solutions
unique, fast and custom designed.


certificacion iso- comercializadores de recubrimiento farmaceutico -

ISO-9001 certification

distribuidores de recubrimiento farmaceutico - certificado iqnet

IQNet Certification

Excipact Certification


Our pharmaceutical coating system uses raw materials from the world’s leading manufacturers that meet pharmaceutical quality requirements.

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