Enteric coating

EasyCoat® NT


Coating system that provides the confidence of meeting different enteric or controlled release tests, which can be applied in aqueous and / or hydroalcoholic systems.



  • Coating system that provides the confidence to meet various enteric or controlled release tests.
  • Enteric release coating system that can be applied in aqueous and/or hydroalcoholic systems.

Product Catalogue

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Recommendations for use

This is just a preparation suggestion. If you want more details, contact your Commercial Technical Executive.

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Description of the preparation

  • It is recommended to prepare the suspension in a concentration of 20% solids in water.
  • Preparation example: 200g of EasyCoat® EAS in 800g of water.
  • The product must be added slowly to the water with constant stirring, especially at the beginning when the viscosity increases.
  • Air should not be incorporated by the action of stirring.
  • Moderate agitation is recommended, in the vicinity of a vortex for at least 1 hour before applying the coating and maintaining agitation during application.

Regulatory compliance

All the materials included in the composition of EasyCoat® SP are monographic, complying with international specifications, making it possible to use it globally.

The great advantages of the EasyCoat® SP family are backed by manufacturing in pharmaceutical-type facilities, audited by health authorities. We also have flexibility in manufacturing, allowing us to supply commercial batches from 5 to hundreds of kilograms.

We have a wide variety of colors, in addition to the possibility of developing the preferred tone and the specific functionality required by the user.

Find your solution with EasyCoat® SP, ask our Technical Support team.

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